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Lincolnshire Outboards Hereafter called LO TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE v 1.00.
All quotations are made and orders are accepted subject to the following conditions, which shall form part of and govern the contract of sale. By purchasing from Lincolnshire Outboards you agree to these terms and conditions, please read them in
1) DEPOSITS Where deposits are taken against the retention of goods or for items that are built to order or specifically ordered from a supplier for the client these are not refundable on cancellation of order unless specified on the invoice.
2) PAYMENTS: Final payment must be made in full prior to or on delivery. Personal cheques & credit card payments are not accepted, the only payment methods are cash, direct transfer (BACS) cleared banker's draft or PayPal. Title to the goods will remain with Lincolnshire Outboards until full and final payment is made.
3) PRICES AND SPECIFICATIONS Prices and specifications on our web site are subject to alteration without previous notice. Customers must verify any specific detail of goods that they deem important, as brochures may be wrong. No bargain is to be held to be concluded until we have confirmed the order in writing & a suitable deposit has been paid.>br> 4) SUITABILITY OF GOODS Prior to ordering the customer must satisfy himself by examinations and inspections that any goods ordered by him are suitable for his purpose. Any advice given by any staff employed by Lincolnshire Outboards is given only in good faith. Lincolnshire Outboards cannot be held responsible for any damage, loss or injury directly or indirectly arising as a result of any advice or recommendation given. The customer is referred to the manufacturer’s handbook (copies of which are available on line and from the original manufacturers) with particular reference to the use of outboards motors, boats and trailers and their subsequent maintenance. Outboards motors should always be installed by an authorised dealer or experienced marine engineer. We will under no circumstances ever recommend or install an outboard motor in excess of the recommended horsepower of the craft, unless the craft’s manufacturers written approval is given. It should be noted that the use of outboard engines is inherently dangerous, the customer should satisfy themselves that they understand how to operate their craft, engines and other related equipment safely, Lincolnshire Outboards can accept no liability for death or injury nor loss to property as a result of incorrect use of engines or other goods supplied by us.
5) INSURANCE OF CRAFT and GOODS It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that any craft or equipment left with us is insured at their cost. While we take every care to ensure the safety of such goods our insurance does not cover goods owned by third parties.
6) SHIPPING / DELIVERY all posted goods are covered by the courier's insurance during shipping, all items are insured to at least their sales value.a) Orders will not be shipped if credit accounts are overdue or if account terms have been exceeded b) Goods must be inspected BEFORE signing, a signed delivery note will invalidate any subsequent claim for shortage or damage. c) Damage, loss or shortfall must be advised to Lincolnshire Outboards within 48 hours of delivery, when goods are sent to a third party address THESE TERMS STILL APPLY d) Goods collected by the clients own carrier are entirely at clients risk.
7) RETURN OF GOODS PURCHASED IN PERSON Where a customers has ordered goods in error they will only accepted back at the discretion and prior agreement of Lincolnshire Outboards. Goods accepted back must be returned within 14 days of collection or delivery. Returned goods will not be entitled to monetary refund, but will be offered credit to the value of the goods so returned. The return of such goods may incur a handling charge. The cost of the return of the goods to our premises will be met by the Customer, Lincolnshire Outboards do not refund carriage costs.
8) DELIVERY DATE Any delivery date quoted is given in good faith and is never guaranteed. Lincolnshire Outboards will not be liable for any loss direct or consequential arising through a delay in delivery howsoever arising. 9) WARRANTIES a) All new goods are supplied under warranty which is subject to the manufacturer’s conditions. In the case of all manufacturing defects it is at the manufacturer’s sole discretion to determine if the goods are to be repaired, replaced and/or refunded. It is the customers responsibility to return the goods to Lincolnshire Outboards (even if the goods were originally delivered by Lincolnshire Outboards). If this is not possible, the customer must discuss an alternative course of action with us before any third parties are involved for repair work. Lincolnshire Outboards WILL NOT PAY THIRD PARTY LABOUR, TRANSPORT or MATERIAL costs for warranty. This applies to EXPORTED goods as well. The customers statutory rights are unaffected. b) On second hand goods Lincolnshire Outboards offers NO warranty except on complete engines where a 3 month return to base warranty applies. Please note that engines sold from our bargain basement are specifically excluded and are sold as for spares or repair. c) No warranties are given in respect of used Road Trailers d) No warranties are given on goods used for racing e) No warranties are given on goods altered from manufacturers specifications or goods not serviced in accordance with manufacturer’s service schedules. f) Warranty will be suspended if credit terms are exceeded.
10) JURISDICTION Any contract entered into by Lincolnshire Outboards shall be governed by English Law and shall be subject to the exclusive Jurisdiction of the English Courts.
11) EXPORTED GOODS a) Where Lincolnshire Outboards undertakes to transport goods abroad this is carried out in good faith. The customer is strongly recommended to insure the goods fully (this insurance may exclude cosmetic damage such as scuffing , scratching or denting) DO NOT ASSUME Lincolnshire Outboards will insure goods shipped abroad. b) It shall be the customer’s responsibility to determine the procedure and prepare the necessary documentation for customs clearance and the repayment of VAT in appropriate cases. Import licences and duties are the customer’s sole responsibility. At all times the customer is strongly recommended to seek professional advice. c) Lincolnshire Outboards will not grant warranties on any exported goods. Manufacturer’s warranties are unaffected. d) The customer will be responsible for all carriage and handling charges if the goods need to be returned to the UK , whatever the reason.
12) FRUSTRATION OF CONTRACT In the event of war, invasion, act of foreign hostilities (whether war is declared or not) civil war rebellion insurrection, nuclear explosion, contamination by radioactivity, earthquake, or other natural disaster, or the failure of a supplier to supply the goods ordered, Lincolnshire Outboards reserves the right to treat the contract as frustrated.
13) ARBITRATION In the case of any dispute or differences as to any matter arising under the paragraphs of these terms and conditions of contract it shall be referred to a marine engineer approved by both parties and his decision shall be final and binding.
14) SERVICE WORK Boats, motors and trailers that are repaired, moved or stored on the premises of Lincolnshire Outboards are kept at the sole risk of the customer. All repair and installation work undertaken is done so on the understanding that the work shall be carried out either by a Lincolnshire Outboards engineer or a suitably experienced engineer nominated by us.
15) LIABILITY Lincolnshire Outboards will not be liable for any claim for personal injuries, any consequential damages or loss however caused in connection with any boats, motors, trailers and equipment supplied by us howsoever or wheresoever used. It is the responsibility of all users of boats and allied equipment to ensure that the goods purchased are in working order before and during use and that regular authorised servicing and inspections are carried out in accordance with the manufacturers guidelines. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that all goods supplied by Lincolnshire Outboards are used in a safe manner and that all users are fully trained in the usage of the products and the safety devices associated with them. We strongly advise that the relevant manufacturer's manuals be acquired, read and understood to ensure safe operation at all times. We also strongly recommend one of the many relevant boat piloting and operation courses that are run around the country. Completion of these courses will help to reduce the likelihood of accidents significantly.
16) DISTANCE SELLING: (Mail order & Web Site purchases) We will refund the value of the goods if they are returned to us within 14 days, they need to be unused and in the original wrapping. After 14 days we MAY accept a return BUT A HANDLING CHARGE WILL APPLY.
17) CUSTOMERS ARE STRONGLY RECOMMENDED TO INTER ALIA a) Read fully manufacturer’s handbooks or instructions for all marine equipment prior to use. b) Fit all craft with the necessary safety equipment inter alia life jackets, buoyancy aids. distress flares, paddles, anchors and lines, GPS, VHF radio, secondary means of propulsion, tool kit knife, bailer, fire extinguisher and protective clothing, c) Ensure that when a trailer is being used that the boat is securely strapped or lashed to the trailer and that the trailer is securely hitched to the vehicle. In particular customers are reminded to regularly check trailer bearings and brakes for corrosion and wear. Ensure that trailers are not overloaded and the G.V.W. is not exceeded. Ensure that the vehicle towing capacities for either un-braked or braked trailers are not exceeded and current towing laws are adhered to. d) Check that tides and weather conditions are favourable before you go boating and check charts for local hazards. e) First time boaters are very strongly advised to seek tuition prior to use and be accompanied by an experienced person on initial voyages. f) ensiure that all enclosed craft are compliant with the Boat Safety Scheme and that the registration is correct and current. Lincolnshire Outboards, Marsh Farm, Cut End Road, Fishtoft, Lincolnshire, PE22 0QZ. E&OE
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